Friday, January 20, 2012

Traveling to Haiti

It is likely that all of my updates about this trip will be written on my phone, so I apologize now for typos, lack of editing, and poor formatting.

I am currently on a plane headed to Miami from Pittsburgh. We will spend the night at a hotel then fly out tomorrow morning for Haiti.

People have asked me why I want to go to Haiti. If I'm honest, a big part of me doesn't want to go. I've never seen poverty like what I will see in Haiti, and it scares me. Many of my friends have done international mission work, so part of me feels like this is just something that I should do. Part of me feels that because I have so many blessings in my life I want to try to give back if I can. The main reason I'm going is to form relationships with the people in La Croix. If I can do something to help them while I'm there, that would be wonderful, though part of me feels arrogant saying, "let me and my white American self come down and help you for a week, you poor Haitians." What I really look forward to is meeting the people, getting to know them and their culture. We will be different, but we will be the same. We are all children of God.


We are now safely in Miami.Most of our group will fly out of Miami to Port-au-Prince, Haiti at 7:30am tomorrow, which means we are meeting at 5:15am. One of my favorite picture books as a child is called The Good Morning Grump, which says a lot about me, so I will have to try to be cheerful.

A nice little God moment tonight: the Holiday Inn lost our reservation, which could have been problematic, but we were able to get a room in the hotel inside of the airport! It made things much easier than our original plan.

And now, to bed!


Mary Lou Price said...

Thanks for your honest post Sarah, I think there are many of us who feel the same way as you. Glad you made it to your first destination. MLP

Anonymous said...

I'm sure at 5:15 being inside the airport hotel was extra nice :) Safe travels! -- Cami